About Pick-a-Petal


I was raised on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, amongst marigolds, rain lilies, and hibiscus. Now, as a Licensed Louisiana Florist, I am surrounded and inspired by the culture and colors of New Orleans.

I’ve always enjoyed getting my hands dirty. Consequently, I received my Degrees in Archaeology, and worked in that field before becoming a full-time floral designer. That professional experience, and growing up in my mother’s garden, cultivated an enduring appreciation for the elemental shapes, colors and textures that occur in nature.

I take a grassroots approach to my arrangements by bringing in all levels of greens and blooms. My style emphasizes grace, movement and the delicate blending of colors that evoke images of the natural garden and uphold a sense of wild spontaneity. From branches to succulents, leaves to air plants, and mosses to floral blooms; I am able to express my talent in blending elements to produce an original, fresh look.

The most rewarding aspect of this job is truly the look of joy in my clients' eyes when they first see their arrangements. That's the moment I work towards every day. Every time you order flowers it should be an inspiring and fun experience from beginning to end. My goal is to provide an unforgettable, boutique experience for my clients. From charity events to intimate dinner parties to corporate receptions to baby showers, I always strive to create a unique look based on the individual style of the hosts. I have keen eye for surprising combinations and refined statements in creating everything from an individual birthday arrangement to a garden container project.